Wiesbaden Photo Days with new management
The long-time organizers of the Wiesbaden Photo Days, Reinhard Berg and Frank Deubel, have handed over the management of the Wiesbaden Photo Days to Jürgen Strasser. Jürgen Strasser is a photo artist with studios in Wiesbaden and Worpswede and has made a name for himself in the photo scene with the management of the "RAW Phototriennale" in the artists' village Worpswede. He feels committed to the "philosophy" of the founders and will continue the concept of the Wiesbaden Photo Days with great pleasure and commitment. Michaela Höllriegel, who was already involved in the organization of the Wiesbaden Photo Days in 2017 and 2019, will remain on board for the 12th edition. The third member of the festival management is the photo artist, curator and cultural journalist Marc Peschke.

Wiesbaden Photo Days change to triennial cycle
Starting in 2019, the Wiesbaden Photo Days will continue as a triennial. At the suggestion of the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain, the Wiesbadener Fototage, the Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie and the RAY Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt/RheinMain have mutually agreed on a 3-year rhythm. Thus, a photo festival will be held in the Rhine-Main metropolitan region on an alternating basis each year. The next Wiesbaden Photo Days will take place in August 2022.

The further development of the Wiesbaden Photo Days will be accompanied and financially supported by the Cultural Office of the State Capital Wiesbaden and the Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain as the most important partners.

Wiesbaden Photo Days awarded the 2019 Culture Prize of the State Capital Wiesbaden.
The Wiesbaden Photo Days were awarded in 2019 by the state capital with the "Prize for the promotion of cultural life", the Culture Award. This was decided unanimously by the jury under the chairmanship of the head of culture Axel Imholz (SPD), according to a statement by the city administration.

In addition to the head of culture, the jury included the cultural policy spokespersons of the city hall parliamentary groups (Dorothea Angor, Hartmut Bohrer, Gabriele Enders, Dr. Klaus-Dieter Lork, Wilfried Lüderitz, Hendrik Schmehl, Claudia Spruch) and the head of the cultural office, Jörg-Uwe Funk. The prize is endowed with 5,000 euros and is awarded for special achievements in the fields of visual arts, music, literature or performing arts.

»Reinhard Berg and Frank Deubel have built up an impressive festival in recent years that radiates far beyond the region.«(Axel Imholz, Head of the Department of Culture of the State Capital Wiesbaden)