The Wiesbaden Photo Days sees itself since its beginning as an international festival for artistic photography. The theme chosen annually is the content framework and the central element of the entire festival. Conceptually, the Wiesbaden Photo Days is based on a triad of exhibitions, educational programs and sponsorship awards.



The focus of the Wiesbaden Photo Days is exhibitions in various art and cultural institutions in the state capital. Photographers and artists from all over the world can apply to participate in these exhibitions in a public call for proposals. There are no stylistic or technical restrictions. What is required, however, are self-contained series that work with the current festival theme in a high-quality manner and thereby reveal an independent photographic position.  The submitted work will then be viewed and assessed by a multi.member jury. Depending on the available exhibition space, this jury will select up to 50 works that will be presented during the festival period. The exhibition course of the Wiesbaden Photo Days offers a wide spectrum of how the nominess approach the chosen topic. The Wiesbaden Photo Days primarily offers young photographers and up-and-coming talents the opportunity to present their work to a large audience for the first time. So far, more than 500 photographers have shown their work in Wiesbaden. And for quite  a few of those involved, taking part in the photo days was the springboard for a  remarkable career.


Symosium, lectures, artist talks and a series of films shed light on content-related aspects of the festival theme from different point of view. This program is supported by regional and national cooperation partners and at the dame time serves to deepen the contact between the participating artists and the festival audience.


The Wiesbaden Photo Days actively involves visitors in the discourse on the evalution of current photpgraphy and has been awarding an audience award since 2007. Since 2015, this award has been supplemented by a »Jury Prize«. Both awards will be presented during the festival – the jury's prize on the opening evening, the audience prize on the last day of the festival.